Behind the Blog

Hi there!

Welcome to my little corner of the internets where I’m sharing what inspires me and what I love.  When I get a chance to work on my own projects, I’ll be sharing those here too, so I do hope you stick around. 

For these types of things, I prefer lists.  Lists are concise.  They give you loads of information in a substantially lesser amount of words; therefore, providing a much greater chance of you actually reading this.

So here it goes!

My Obsessions Passions
(in no particular order)

traveling anywhere and everywhere
cupcakes and frozen yogurt
my black and white husky: Annabelle
(No seriously, I think it’s time she get her own Instagram)
charming doorways and cobblestone streets
going for walks and breathing in the fresh air
getting lost in new cities
inspiration shoots and editorials
artworks from all eras and styles and media
watching choreographed dances
love stories
flavored lattes
elie saab dresses
the importance of an excellent atmosphere
listening to others tell their stories
gorgeous photographs
brunch with girlfriends
having a serene home
huddling by a fire with hot cocoa
trench coats and high-heeled boots
everything about the season of autumn
art galleries and sidewalk cafes
a good hammock and a fabulous magazine
finding really addictive TV shows
rainy days spent near a window
classic, feminine fashion with a bohemian flair
the Southern way of life
the Parisian way of life
(is that possible to love both?)
people watching
lazy Sundays
picnics and stargazing
watching movies under mounds of blankets
exploring the vastness of nature
interior and exterior design
finding the perfect accent piece
putting on a pretty dress
planning dinner parties
charming boutiques and restaurants
imagining whimsical photoshoots
finding beauty everywhere
making this world slightly better than I found it