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Inspiring Daydreams

  • Daydream and Sundresses Lea Bo Pattern Pinboard 2

    PERFECT PINBOARDS | Lea Bo: Pattern

    I’m a fairly avid follower of Lea Bo’s Pinterest account.  Clean lines, modern design and a mostly greyscale palette are all things to expect from her.  When I saw Lea’s pattern board though, I…

  • Ivory Blooms 1

    MONTHLY MOOD | Ivory Blooms

    With March comes Springtime!  All these neutrals of ivories and creams mixed with the deep greens are here to remind us that the Earth is revitalized after the Winter snow.  So many…

  • Daydream and Sundresses - Winter Wanderings 1


    Now that Winter is coming to a close, I decided to give you an update on the happenings of the season.  It’s always a very mellow, often slower time of year.  The…

  • Daydreams and Sundresses Kerrie Hess Illustrations 14

    INSTALOVE | Kerrie Hess Illustration

    With her Instagram account flooded with the colors of love during February, what’s not to adore about Kerrie Hess Illustration?  The sultry reds, romantic pinks and bright whites are all lending themselves to…