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  • Daydreams and Sundresses Picnics 9

    LOVELY AFTERNOON | Picturesque Picnics

    Being outside on a lazy afternoon is hard to top.  Add a bottle of wine, some finger foods, a blanket and a few pillows; and you have the recipe for quite a…

  • Daydreams and Sundresses Swings 9

    TIME TO BREATHE | Swings

    Any chance I get to swing, I take it.  I simply cannot get enough of the feeling of the wind blowing through my hair, of my feet dangling above the ground, and…

  • Daydreams and Sundresses Flower Markets 6

    INSPIRATION | Flower Markets of Instagram

    The above images of floral inspiration found on Instagram, is just what flower markets are all about.  Rows of freshly cut flowers, sweet fragrances, and lovely hues. Many have already made their…

  • Daydreams and Sundresses Hello

    LITTLE TALKS | Why, Hello

    Well, hello there! I have been a dreamer since the day I was born, or at least as far back as I can remember.  First-grade open house, my parents were told that…