Hello all!  This weekend (and the week to come) I’ll be wrapping up my time here in Orlando.  I love this city and it holds very dear memories for me, but it’s time for my next adventure.  The one I always knew I’d make eventually. Many moments will bring me back here in the future; whether it’s visiting dear friends, a fun-filled theme park vacation, alumni events or just a weekend getaway to see old haunts and new additions. I will return to you periodically, my dear city.  You will remain a home to me forever.

I’ll be making a pit stop by my childhood home in Pensacola for a while before heading off to the new place I will call home.  More on that later on.  While I’m there, I’ll be indulging in some much needed family time, sitting on the back porch, good southern meals and glassfuls of sweet iced tea.

Have the dreamiest of weekends, lovelies.



Image credit: Park and Cube

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