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Well, hello there!

I have been a dreamer since the day I was born, or at least as far back as I can remember.  First-grade open house, my parents were told that I was a daydreamer: well, that teacher was right!  And my feet haven’t touched the ground since. I’m a diehard romantic, a hopeless wanderlust and an avid art enthusiast; as well as being captivated by gorgeous photographs, entranced by all things feminine and motivated by a steaming vanilla latte. Along with those traits, also comes a whole lot of sweet Southern charm.

Reasoning behind D+S is my necessity to share some of the lovely little things I come across, but also to explore more of my creative side.  Producing ideal atmospheres through staging photo shoots, planning gatherings or arranging interior design elements are just some of the interests I want to pursue more intently.  So is capturing beauty through the lens of a camera.  This space is giving me a chance to explore all the passions I have built up inside just waiting not only surface, but also to flow out into the world around me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming by.  I do hope you decide to stay a while.

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